Internet2 is a member-owned advanced technology community founded by the nation’s leading higher education institutions. An exceptional partnership spanning U.S. and international institutions who are leaders in the worlds of research, academia, industry and government, the Internet2 community is developing breakthrough technologies that support the most exacting applications of today—and spark the most essential innovations of tomorrow. (

Sponsored Education Group Participants

The Sponsored Education Group Participants program is intended to allow expanded access to the Internet2 Network for state and regional education networks, through sponsorship by Internet2 university members. State and regional networks may include nonprofit and for-profit K-20 educational institutions, museums, libraries, art galleries, or hospitals that require routine collaboration on instructional, clinical and/or research projects, services and content with Internet2 members or with other sponsored participants. I-Light and the Indiana GigaPoP are proud members of the SEGP Community. (

Indiana GigaPOP

The Indiana gigabit point-of-presence (GigaPoP) is located in downtown Indianapolis and supported by the GlobalNOC. The GigaPoP is an access point to Internet2, which supports network collaboration between universities and partners in industry and government and promotes further investment in research, education, and business development.

Members of the Indiana GigaPoP include University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, Purdue, CSPAN, ENA, Ruth Lily Health Education Center, Zayo Bandwidth, St. Louis Internet2 Access Consortium, and I-Light. (