the People of I-Light

Photo of Dave Jent

Dave E. Jent

IU Associate Vice President for Networking

For more than 20 years, David Jent has worked at Indiana University in all aspects of network design, installation, project management, and strategic direction setting. His strong network background provides a stable foundation for leading senior technical staff and managing complex network engineering design issues, and for managing critical relationships with the National Research and Education Network community. His current portfolio includes managing the Global Research Network Operations Center Engineering team, which operates ten-plus state, national, and international R&E networks including the New Internet2 Network and National Lambda Rail.

Jent is also the managing director of operations for the Indiana GigaPop, which spans two diverse, co-located facilities in Indianapolis and Chicago. The Indiana GigaPop provides commodity internet and R&E network connectivity to major state/regional institutions, and is active in the Quilt organization and in projects in the state of Indiana to further the deployment of high speed networking. In addition, Jent’s division supports I-Light, the optical network that connects Indiana schools of higher education.

In the recent past Jent served as project manager for the Next Generation Abilene Router (NGAR) deployment project. He was also the project manager for the installation of dark fiber between Bloomington, Indianapolis, and West Lafayette. This network was the first university-owned dark fiber infrastructure of its size in the nation. Jent has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue University, awarded at IUPUI.

Photo of Marianne Chitwood

Marianne Chitwood

I-Light Director

Marianne has more than 30 years of experience supporting members of the Indiana higher education community. Her group is responsible for daily operations and upgrades pertaining to the I-Light network.

In addition to Marianne’s role with I-Light she also serves as director of operations for the Indiana University Global Research Network Operations Center (GlobalNOC).

Photo of Caroline Weilhamer

Caroline Weilhamer

Manager of Operations for I-Light and Indiana GigaPOP

Caroline is responsible for supporting the I-Light members with their initial connectivity, upgrades to their current connections, and services the members wish to use on the network. She also works with the network planning engineer on the network design and future growth. Caroline earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University, awarded at IUPUI.

Caroline enjoys working with the I-Light members to reach their institutional goals by personally helping solve the problems that arise. She is very excited when a member has network or application goals that are achieved by the I-Light network. The success of the I-Light members reflects the success of I-Light as a regional network as a whole.

Photo of Sarah Couch

Sarah Couch

Manager of Member Services for I-Light

Sarah's primary roles are member support and provisioning. She particularly looks forward to building relationships with higher education institutions in Indiana and other regional networks throughout the country.

Sarah started at IU's University Information Technology Services in 2012 and has over 15 years of experience in project management, strategic planning, and financial analysis and reporting. Currently an MBA candidate at the IU Kelley School of Business, she holds a bachelor's in biological anthropology from Harvard University.

Photo of Heather Starks

Heather Starks

Manager of Education Outreach for I-Light

Starks worked for many years as an IBM distributor and software reseller. With I-Light, her primary job is to interact with members and engineers. She finds fulfillment in how I-Light impacts schools of all sizes in such a positive way.

Starks is very active in her spare time—a trait that shines through in her work. Aside from snowboarding and golfing, she is a self-proclaimed CrossFit junkie.