15 years of powering global connections

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Fifteen years ago, Indiana University entered the world of Research and Education networking by starting the Global Research Network Operations Center (GlobalNOC). Back then, GlobalNOC was a three-person operation, housed in a humble basement office, dedicated to supporting a single network.

Today, GlobalNOC employs more than 80 skilled networking professionals, many of whom are considered top in their field. Together, they support over 20 different networks that connect colleges, universities, and research organizations across the US and around the world.

GlobalNOC now boasts two state-of-the-art, redundant operations centers in Bloomington and Indianapolis. The overall effort has expanded to include not only the GlobalNOC, but also I-Light, Indiana’s state network; the Indiana Center for Network Translational Research (InCNTRE), a hub for networking research; and International Networks, a group dedicated specifically to building international connections.

What began as the vision of a small group of IU leaders and engineers has grown into a world-class networking organization, right here in the heart of Indiana. For 15 years, advanced networking initiatives at Indiana University have made scientific, educational, and research connections possible. For us, 2013 was a year to celebrate.

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