Heather Starks and Damon Beals join I-Light staff

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Heather Starks joined I-Light as the manager of education outreach in January 2016. This position allows Starks to interact with I-Light members and engineers directly, which is right up her alley. After many years as an IBM distributor and software reseller, Starks is thankful for a chance to reach outside the IBM box and work on new and exciting projects.

“Every day I look forward to the new challenges that present themselves,” said Starks. “For example, I had a meeting with Martin University here in Indianapolis recently. To see how we impact such a small school in such a positive way is really cool, and really fulfilling.”

Starks is very active in her spare time—a trait that shines through in her work. Aside from snowboarding and golfing, she is a self-proclaimed CrossFit junkie. She believes her time in the “Box” (as CrossFit gyms are referred to by aficionados) helps her in her job, too. “CrossFit workouts are usually pretty tough. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how you’re going to get through them. I’ve learned to just keep moving, don’t stop!” she said. “The same with a big task or project at work: just keep moving. You’ll get to where you’ll solve a problem, or it’ll be easier.”

Damon Beals joined the Regional Networks team for Ocean State Higher Education Economic Development and Administrative Network (OSHEAN) as a principal network engineer in October 2015. Beals came to the team after spending several years with IU’s Campus Networks and more than 25 years at the university overall.

Though he is based in Indianapolis, Beals collaborates closely with his OSHEAN counterparts in Rhode Island. With an emphasis on keeping up with the latest and greatest technology, he looks forward to using new technologies and equipment to bring clients optimal service, while simultaneously expanding his knowledge base.

Beals is naturally a hard worker, which makes this busy position a perfect fit. “My parents gave me a strong work ethic,” he said. “I don’t like to see a customer unhappy, so I like to make things better for them.” In his free time, Beals enjoys occasionally escaping to the country and camping with his wife.

“Heather’s enthusiasm for reaching out and helping members grow and Damon’s natural dedication to customer service help our members and customers in so many ways,” said Marianne Chitwood, I-Light director. “We are extremely pleased Heather and Damon have joined the I-Light and Regional Networks teams.”