I-Light breaks the speed limit

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The speed limit in Indiana just went up. Because of a February change to two core node routers in Indianapolis, I-Light internet traffic now has a much wider bandwidth to travel.

“At IU, our bandwidth needs are always growing and these new routers are much more scalable than the previous generation. Without this upgrade we'd eventually hit a ceiling in terms of how much bandwidth we could provide to I-Light members,” said Jason Lomanaco, I-Light network planning engineer.

The new upgraded nodes provide 5.3 Terabytes (TB) of system capacity per second—space equivalent to 7,915 Miley Cyrus CDs. Thanks to this update, I-Light will have the ability to scale operations to even greater speeds. Plans are to eventually upgrade the network to speeds of 100 Gigabits per second.

These speeds are essential for the work I-Light is doing. As Indiana’s high-speed fiber optic network, I-Light connects Indiana research and education (R&E) communities to regional, national, and international R&E networks. The high speeds enable high-quality video, large research data transfers, and learning tools such as telepresence.

But I-Light is more than just a data link; the network also provides expert support for the R&E families who link into the supercomputer and scientific data stores around the world. These capabilities foster collaborative research projects between multiple campuses.

“The ultimate goal is to enable researchers and faculty at our member institutions to exchange huge sets of research data," said Lesley Seitz, I-Light provisioning coordinator. "The core router upgrade is part of the mission to continue growing with our members' needs.”