I-Light streaming video service links Hoosiers with the Indiana Statehouse

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There’s a spotlight shining on the Indiana Statehouse. Thanks to the folks at I-Light, Indiana's high-speed fiber optic network, the legislature can keep constituents in the know without asking them to travel from the far reaches of the state. Plus, streaming meetings as they occur keeps messages relevant.

The service began in the Indiana courts in 2001, and expanded to the legislature in 2005. Today, I-Light streaming video links Hoosiers with the Indiana House, Senate, Supreme Court, Tax Court, and Court of Appeals.

“We are proud of our partnership with the Statehouse and are happy to use our expertise to meet the needs of our community,” said I-Light member services manager Caroline Weilhamer.

A total of 12 rooms in the capitol hold video encoders – six for the Indiana House, four for the Senate, and two for the courts. To transmit Statehouse events, I-Light packages live video in manageable segments. In an instant, these segments are transmitted through fiber-optic lines and reassembled by video players on computers across Indiana.

“On a typical day, hundreds of Hoosiers will tune in – and some events gather the attention of thousands,” said Ed Cooning, digital media engineer for I-Light.

Cutting edge technology and expert technicians have enabled I-Light to overcome obstacles as the streaming service has evolved. The greatest challenge for network engineers, Cooning noted, is anticipating and providing elements not yet requested, as they did a few years ago when they updated server software to stream to all devices, including mobile.

“We realize the Statehouse streaming service is very important to our state and communities,” said Weilhamer. “It brings the legislative process and committee meetings to the households of every Hoosier. It allows children to learn about government proceedings and citizens to stay engaged in real time without leaving their home or office.”

The end result is greater civic access for Hoosiers and stronger relationships with their representatives.

Watch proceedings from the Indiana Statehouse here: