Member spotlight: Earlham College

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Earlham College and Indiana University East have received a $168,739 grant from the National Science Foundation to study the soil bacteria in soybean and corn fields. The grant will fund an interdisciplinary research project, "Using Metagenomics to Realize an Education Partnership and Stimulate Curriculum Development," and will help researchers find out what kind of bacteria exist in soybean and corn fields.

Because the technology used to describe the soil bacteria communities generates a massive quantity of data, I-Light will be essential for students at both institutions to be able to analyze and mine the data. The data and course materials developed will also be made freely available for use by other researchers and educators, so I-Light will again play a key role.

The project will foster partnerships within the Richmond community, specifically between Earlham College and IU East. Hitesh Kathuria, assistant professor of chemistry, said, ““In this new collaborative opportunity, the students and faculty at both universities will work alongside each other to address the scientific queries via a problem-based learning approach.”

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