Member Spotlight: Indiana State University

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Through I-Light’s high-speed fiber optic network, Indiana State University continues its leadership in distance education. ISU offers over 20 bachelor and master’s degree programs that students can complete entirely online or with minimal campus visits—that’s more than any other public university in Indiana.

Jobs or family commitments often prevent people from attending college, but ISU’s distance learning program changes this. For many, the ability to “attend” pre-recorded classroom sessions online makes earning a degree possible for the first time.

This online option is popular with both non-traditional students and those completing coursework over the summer. Nearly half of Indiana State’s students will take a distance education class this year.

To accommodate the program’s high demand, ISU has four classrooms set-up for distance learning. One pilot classroom takes advantage of the latest video technologies to create a more realistic class experience for distance learners.

While teaching in the pilot classroom professors wear a remote tracking device that connects to a mounted video camera. This camera follows the tracking device as the professor walks around the classroom and interacts with students. The professor also controls two other cameras that show students asking questions and working in teams.

The university will install this technology into one more classroom by the start of the 2013 spring semester.

As video technology improves more distance learners can enjoy a real classroom experience while balancing their work or family obligations. Click here to learn how ISU’s distance education program made college possible for two non-traditional students.