I-Light Service Options

Dedicated port-to-port service

  1. Optical Wave with Optical Protect Switching (where possible)
  2. I-Light’s DWDM system is optimized for 100G waves. Optical waves can only be provisioned at 100G (100GE) and include protection around the ring where possible. This is accomplished using an optical protect switch (OPS) at each endpoint, switching the direction at approximately 50ms when a failure occurs.

  3. Ethernet Private Line (EPL)
  4. EPL services are port-to-port services at 1Gbps (1GE) or 10Gbps (10GE). EPL services can be configured with or without G.8032 ring protection, depending on the redundancy model preferred by the member.

The dedicated port-to-port service gives members the ability to connect their main campus to a remote campus for:

  • Data replication
  • Disaster recovery (DR)
  • Secure and cost-effective campus extension

Virtual transport services

I-Light offers Virtual Transport Service using Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL).

EVPL, like EPL, are point-to-point but differ from EPL in port usage. Multiple EVPL instances can co-exist on the same port, allowing the member to have provisioned services to multiple egress ports. The egress port must not be EPL. EVPL uses a subset of customer VLAN tags per service.

Please note for all IP Service transport, EVPL will be used to provision services to I-Light core routers.

IP service

This service utilizes the Internet Protocol (IP) to route packets across the various network boundaries. The IP service provides members with connectivity to Internet2, National LambdaRail, Indiana GigaPoP, the commercial Internet, and other I-Light member institutions.

Commercial Internet service

I-Light partners with commercial Internet providers so that members can purchase cost-effective commercial Internet through the Indiana GigaPoP’s partnership with The Quilt, a coalition of the major advanced regional R&E network organizations.

Providers terminate at diverse locations on I-Light through connectivity to the Indiana GigaPoP. Connections are redundant so that traffic routes in the event one provider has a network outage.


The mission of The Research and Education Networking Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REN-ISAC) is to aid and promote cyber security operational protection and response within the higher education and research (R&E) communities. This is conducted within the context of a private community of trusted representatives at member institutions, and in service to the R&E community at-large. REN-ISAC serves as the R&E trusted partner for served networks, the formal US ISAC community, and in other commercial, governmental, and private security information sharing relationships.

I-Light is a member of the REN-ISAC. Membership is open to colleges and universities, teaching hospitals, research and education network providers, and government-funded research organizations. REN-ISAC increases the cyber security for all I-Light members. (www.ren-isac.net)


I-Light offers a colocation service for members to place hardware in a redundant facility. The benefits of colocation away the member’s home institutions are:

  • On-site and remote monitoring
  • Security for racks, power, connectivity, and content
  • Disaster recovery
  • Redundancy of network connections, power, and hardware

All I-Light members are eligible to use the colocation service.

Disaster recovery

I-Light enables members to take advantage of disaster recovery and reduce the cost of disaster recovery site and hardware requirements.

Network training

I-Light members can take advantage of training events at the annual I-Light and Indiana GigaPoP meetings at no extra cost. Training covers internet protocols in detail such as IPv4, IPv6, and network installations.

Network deployment, architecture, and consulting

GlobalNOC engineers deploy networks from planning stages to test and turn-up, following industry standards and best practices for colocation facilities.

Our expert network architects also advise and assist networks with their strategic architecture and service planning needs, including:

  • New service enablement
  • Network architecture review
  • Configuration improvement
  • Security audits

Network and performance tools

I-Light public ticket viewer: Members can access current outage tickets and upcoming network maintenance tickets: https://tick.globalnoc.iu.edu/fp_tools/public_ticket_viewer/

I-Light operations calendar: Members can see current or upcoming network maintenance: https://tick.globalnoc.iu.edu/fp_tools/cals/public/ilight/www/month.php

I-Light live network status pages: Members can see detailed information on the backbone traffic and connection utilization: http://noc.ilight.net/ilight/network-status.html


I-Light Video Streaming provides greater exposure for the Indiana House, Senate, Supreme Court, Tax Court, and Court of Appeals. Video streaming setup, production, and storage services support educational and civic access and engagement by Hoosiers statewide. Streaming service is also available to I-Light members, for supporting and fostering research and collaboration between Indiana colleges and universities.